Position Description

A² Systems Engineering is seeking an Information Systems Security Officer who will generally be responsible for assessments of Air Force systems and networks and who will determine where those systems depart from Air Force dictated policy and acceptable configurations in support of the Portfolio Architect’s Office at the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center in El Segundo.
The successful candidate will possess the aptitude and skillset to adeptly perform the following tasks:
1. Risk Management Framework (RMF) or System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) for classified and unclassified Decision Support Lab (DSL) Networks as required (a key skill sought by Government customer)
a. Execute RMF packages
b. Use Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) system on SIPRNet to create RMF package for AD Distributed Interactive Simulation Network (DISNet)
c. Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) process for other DSL networks
d. SSAA process for TS-DSL on JWICS
e. Create and maintain documentation for DSL Networks
2. Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) for the 3 DSL networks (UDSL, SDSL, TS-DSL)
a. Process Data Transfer paperwork and archive
b. Process Change Management paperwork and archive
3. SDREN Connection Approval Process
a. Maintain connection with Secret Defense Research Engineering Network (SDREN), interface with SDREN C&A team
b. Maintain DREN Service Agreement every three years
c. Maintain Cybersecurity Service Provider (CSSP) services on the AD DISNet
4. Review Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert (IAVA) for applicability on our systems
a. Task team to complete fix action
5. COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO)
a. Assist Civilian CRO in maintaining COMSEC documentation and inventory
b. Configure TACLANE devices, troubleshoot connectivity or issues as required
c. Load keys annually or as required
d. Support SAVs as required
6. Secure Voice Responsible Officer (SVRO)
a. Assist Civilian CRO in maintaining SVRO documentation and inventory
b. Configure STE or vIPer devices, troubleshoot connectivity or issues as required
c. Support SAVs as required
7. Assist the AD Security Team with Fixed Facility Checklists (FFC) or TEMPEST Addendums
a. FFC and TEMPEST Addendums have IT portions that require us to review and provide IT, VTC, Conference Room information
8. VTC system and Audio/Video (A/V) maintenance and other work
a. Trouble shoot NIPR VTC, SIPR VTC and AF7 VTC issues when required
b. Troubleshoot AV touch panel, switcher, monitor, speakers when required
c. Setup VTCs for customers when required.
d. Maintain certification and accreditation of AF7 VTC system (SAP)
9. Assist government client with SAP network
a. Assist with documentation.
b. Historical information
10. DSL Networks
a. Assist primer contractor Techs with troubleshooting and maintaining server and workstation systems
b. Review Solarwinds Log and Event Manager (LEM) system audit logs
c. Assist with Cisco network equipment configurations (router, switches)
d. Assist with fiber networks throughout all AD Secure and SCIF area
11. Maintain Software licensing
a. Matlab licensing and Toolboxes
b. Solarwinds LEM and Syslog server licenses operational needs.

Required Qualifications

• 3-10+ years in Information Security functions including but not limited to the classification, declassification, and protection of classified national defense and other sensitive information originated or controlled by the DoD
• Experience developing, implementing, and monitoring policies, instructions, procedures, control systems, and methods for such functions and activities as: physical storage and control; security education; and transmitting, transferring, reproducing, downgrading, and destroying information.
• Bachelor’s Degree
o 6 years’ work experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree
o Associate degree plus 4 years work experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s Degree