SeaPort-e Experience

A² Systems Engineering (A²)

A² Systems engineering is a veteran owned small business whose mission is to provide the systems engineering and integration expertise necessary to successfully define, acquire, develop, integrate and operate the nation’s space, missile and weapons systems. Most of our employees have an extensive background in working with our customer’s agencies supporting space and ground systems.

A² has considerable experience in development planning, early systems engineering, and advanced concept development. We define the processes and generate the products required to support Materiel Development Decision Reviews, OSD/CAPE Analysis of Alternatives, and DoD 5000.02 Milestone A events. Our experience in concept development and transitioning technology concepts into mission concepts extends to multiple cross-Service and cross-Agency activities and a number of DoD research agencies, labs, and international partners. Acknowledged credentials include acquisition planning program management, mission engineering/analysis, systems engineering/analysis, technology maturation and development, system design, test planning/execution/evaluation, transition planning/execution, operations and sustainment, and program integration/control.

Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT)

SGT, founded in 1994, is headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland with numerous facilities located throughout the country. It is a mature, mid-sized company of more than 1,600 employees, many of whom have recent, hands-on, space system development experience.

SGT provides a broad range of engineering services, including complex end-to-end space systems engineering, space and terrestrial environmental science, information technology, and project management to the Air Force, IC, NASA, and other federal agencies. Recognized qualifications include modeling, simulation, and advanced visualization; horizontal integration, modernization, and sustainment of sensors and radars; engineering systems, sensors, and algorithms for space and terrestrial weather sensing, modeling, and forecasting; software and systems engineering on space and ground systems as well as user applications.

ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc.

ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc. is an employee-owned small business comprised of professionals with extensive backgrounds in physics, engineering, operations research, computer science, information technology, and business management.

ExoAnalytic Solutions provides advanced modeling and simulation support to various Department of Defense customers. They develop innovative agent-based modeling and simulation tools and missile defense tracking algorithm and simulations. In addition to tool development, the company conducts studies and analysis for customers using in-house tool suites across a wide spectrum of military applications.

Poulos Air and Space, Inc (PA&S)

Poulos Air & Space is a veteran owned small business whose employees have been involved in DoD strike systems programs for many years.

PA&S has a substantial background in research and development programs, including the NASA Crew Exploration Vehicle and Future responsive Access to Space Technology (FAST) programs. They take government-provided requirements through a rigorous systems engineering process and develop detailed system architectures leading to the creation of system and subsystem concepts, designs, drawings, specifications, test procedures, and analyses.

Synectic Solutions, Inc.

Synectic Solutions Inc. (SSI) is an experienced and agile woman-owned small business with a solid 18-year track record of providing high quality solutions and services to numerous Federal agencies. We possess a well-rounded portfolio and strong qualifications and experience in providing information technology, engineering, acquisition/lifecycle logistics, and test and evaluation support solutions and services. Since our founding in 1997, SSI has provided continuous support to over a dozen agencies including the Navy Systems Commands (SYSCOMS) and warfare centers, US Marine Corps Installations West G-6, US Army Space and Missile Defense Command, US Army National Training Center Public Works Department, California National Guard, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense. We are headquartered in Oxnard, California and possess a top secret facility clearance as well as ISO 9001:2008 certification. In addition to our headquarters, we have field offices in Washington DC; Lexington Park, Maryland; Ridgecrest, California; and San Diego, California.

Group W. Inc.(SSI)

Group W Inc. provides analysis, modeling and simulation-development support to military decision-makers across OSD, the Joint Staff, the Air Staff, the Navy Staff, USMC/MCCDC and USFK.

Group W is the developer of the Synthetic Theater Operations Research Model (STORM). This campaign-level analysis simulation is used by the OSD/PA&E, the Joint Staff, the COCOMs, AF/A9 and N81 to support acquisition-related trade studies and operational planning. On behalf of N81, Group W is currently developing a new version of the model, called STORM-Plus. This effort will add Navy-specific functionality to the tool and will enable STORM to replace ITEM for campaign-level studies and assessments in N816 and elsewhere across the military analytical community. Group W is also adding expeditionary warfare functionality to STORM on behalf of the Marine Corps to ensure USMC equities are properly represented in Joint and external analysis.

Group W analysts bring to bear years of military field experience and employ quantitative methodologies and operations research techniques to support policy, acquisition and operational organizations. They provide quick-turn responses to pop-up questions from leadership as well as formal, rigorous, long-term studies to support Service BES and POM development in the form of Analyses of Alternatives (AoAs), the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and capabilities-based assessments within the JCIDS process. Group W analysts have developed innovative methodologies within STORM to enable USAF and Joint Staff organizations to measure the comparative contributions of communications architectures, ISR capabilities and space-based assets to large-scale military operations.


GeoLogics is a high—technology professional services company based in Alexandria, Virginia. GeoLogics was started in 1989 to provide first—class specialized technical support services to companies so they could concentrate in their core business areas. GeoLogics has since grown to become a successful and award—winning high—technology company supporting the IT, aerospace, and telecommunications industries, as well as numerous government agencies. We provide technical services nationwide through our seven field support offices.