Quality Assurance


Although achievement of quality is the responsibility of each individual performing work, the A² SeaPort Program Manager is responsible for the quality of all services and products provided to the Government by the A² Team. The A² SeaPort Program Manager ensures that appropriate quality systems, processes, procedures, and work instructions are implemented and that all work products developed by the A² Team are reviewed to ensure that customer expectations are met.

The A² SeaPort Program Manager is accountable to the A² Systems Engineering President for ensuring that contract requirements are met. The President ensures that instances of noncompliance and opportunities for improvement are addressed in a timely manner and personnel are indoctrinated and trained in the applicable quality requirements.

Quality-Related Forums
The A² SeaPort Program Manager holds Weekly Progress Review (WPR) meetings to assess task priority, technical status, schedule, resource requirements, and issues. Documentation of all tasks and WPR results are captured and maintained in a database.

The A² SeaPort Program Manager conducts Technical Review Board (TRB) meetings when issues arise that require greater technical investigation or insight. TRBs provide the engineer with guidance and assistance in resolving the issue. Participation in the meeting includes appropriate experts from across the team, including “reachback” representation from their parent companies, as required.

Customer Satisfaction

A bi-monthly customer satisfaction survey will be provided to the Government to assess the level of satisfaction of the Government regarding the A² Team’s performance.

Problem Resolution
A² believes that a problem provides an opportunity for an organization to become stronger and that much can be gained by adopting a proactive problem solving approach that focuses on solutions for success. In our experience, we have found that management, personnel, technical, financial, or customer relationship issues tend to arise when least expected. Our proactive problem resolution uses seven steps:

  1. Identify the right problem
  2. Define the problem
  3. Analyze the problem
  4. Develop possible approaches
  5. Select the best solution
  6. Implement
  7. Evaluate and learn

In most situations, the A² SeaPort Program Manager will be responsible for issue/problem resolution. In some situations it may be necessary for the A² President, who is ultimately responsible for mission success, to actively work the problem to resolution.

At the end of each month, the A² SeaPort Program Manager will prepare a written report summarizing the results of the procedures described above to the Government Program Manager, the COR, and the A² President.